Dr. Peter Randelzhofer

randelzhoferDDS, specialist for Implantology

2009: Educator status within the German Society of Implantology (DGI)

2009: Founding of the Implant competence Center – Munich with Dr. Cacaci (Germany)

2002: Implantologist within the NVOI

2001-2008: Private practice, limited to periodontics and implant dentistry, Academic Center of Oral Implantology, Amstelveen (NL)

Since 1999: Frequent lecturing in all subjects of implantology and author of many publications in the field of implant dentistry

1997-2001: Assistant Professor at the department of prosthodontics, University of Freiburg. Postgraduate training in perio prosthetics and implant dentistry

1996-1997: Private practice for restorative dentistry

1996: Dental school graduation at the LM University of Munich (Germany)

1996: Thesis at the University of Munich: Comparing conventional and computerized 3D dental implant planning. A histological evaluation.