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The 2 day event is located in Budapest, Hungary, based on theoretical lectures, live surgeries and hands-on courses.

  • Basic principles of hard tissue reconstruction of horizontal and vertical alveolar defects using the GBR approach.
  • Application techniques of non-resorbable nPTFE and resorbable collagen membranes combined with particulate autogenous bone and xenografts.
  • Soft tissue reconstructions following ridge augmentations; vestibuloplasty and enlargement of keratinized tissues using autogenous and xenogeneic grafts (FGG, collagen matrices).


  • Theoretical background and a novel approach for socket preservation with the tunnelling approach
  • Theoretical background for ridge augmentation, a novel flap design for horizontal and vertical reconstruction
  • Reestablishment of the soft tissue environment following augmentation procedures

Hands-on courses and live surgeries:

  • Socket preservation with the tunnelling approach
  • Ridge augmentation procedures with guided bone regeneration using reorbable and non-resorbable membranes
  • Vestibuloplasty and soft tissue grafting following guided bone regeneration

Course language: English

Fee: 1500 EUR

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Habil. Peter Windisch and Assist. Prof. Dr. Balint Molnar

Contact and information

www.perioimplant.hu | Email: info@perioimplant.hu