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Speaker: Dr. Marius Steigmann

Module 1 – For Bone Augmentation | Module 2 – For the Aesthetic Zone | Module 3 – Prosthetic Soft Tissue Development | Module 4 – Complication and Full Arch Restoration | Module 5 – For Vertical Augmentation

Module 4 (29.-30. June. 2017): Soft Tissue Complications and full arch reconstruction – Advanced Course

With the increasing number of implants placed in the aesthetic zone immediate or delayed we face soft tissue complications like recession of the soft tissue and papilla loss. This course will show individualized approaches to correct papilla loss in the aesthetic zone with the help of modern flap design techniques. With the incising demand of an aesthetic outcome, soft tissue management for full arch restoration has become a necessity.

Module price is 1,950 € +VAT

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