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Speaker: Dr. Marius Steigmann

Module 1 – For Bone Augmentation | Module 2 – For the Aesthetic Zone | Module 3 – Prosthetic Soft Tissue Development | Module 4 – Complication and Full Arch Restoration | Module 5 – For Vertical Augmentation

Module 1, Day 1 (13.-14. Nov. 2017): Soft Tissue Management for Bone Augmentation

In time bone augmentation has moved from highly specialized clinics into the dental office. With the help of modern grafting material the augmentation volume in the dental office has increased year by year. However the main issue remains soft tissue closure for high volume augmentation, especially in the posterior mandible and posterior maxilla. We developed special flap designs and suturing techniques specific to location to solve this ongoing soft tissue management problem. The participants will learn and practice how to solve this soft tissue closure problem according to the location.

Module price is 1,950 € +VAT

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