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Speaker: Dr. Marius Steigmann

Module 1 – For Bone Augmentation | Module 2 – For the Aesthetic Zone | Module 3 – Prosthetic Soft Tissue Development | Module 4 – Complication and Full Arch Restoration | Module 5 – For Vertical Augmentation

Module 2 (16.-17. Nov. 2017): Soft Tissue Management for the Aesthetic Zone

Aesthetic in implant dentistry is in the actual focus today. In the past a general tendency to mimic /copy teeth with implants was observed-functional and aesthetically. Surgical techniques from oral surgery or periodontology were used in implant surgery however aesthetically unsuccessful. Hence new incision position, depth, angulation according to the interproximal bone and soft tissue biotype are necessary. New incision flap designs and suturing techniques have been developed or adjusted to address the aesthetic needs around implants and avoid or correct failures in the aesthetic zone. Preserving the soft tissue or repairing soft tissue failures around implant will be teached.

Module price is 1,950 € +VAT

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